Gentle Dental Care for Families and Individuals of all Ages

Review Steven W. Smunt, DDS, LTD. on Google+Our mission is to provide quality dental care to our patients and enable them to achieve a lifetime of maximum oral health, esthetics, and function.

We make every effort to identify our patient’s desires and needs, and we use our expertise to thoroughly diagnose and prescribe a plan for care. Quality care then proceeds in a gentle and efficient manner.

We desire to attract patients who are dedicated to quality care and preventive maintenance. Our patients appreciate our efforts to deliver quality care, realize the value of those services, and have a sense of accomplishment upon satisfactory completion of treatment. We encourage the referral of family and friends. Welcoming new patients to our practice allows us to grow and to continue to meet the needs of others.

A staff of exceptional people is our greatest asset. Our staff members are excited about what they are doing, and they are motivated to achieve results. We have created an environment where people enjoy coming to work to successfully meet the challenges of the dental profession. Our standards of quality, gentleness, and patient satisfaction are always set high so that our staff strives for new levels of expertise. Our staff recognizes that the needs of the patient are ever changing and we are committed to developing new, progressive clinical skills and business solutions which assure future success.

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