Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a comprehensive approach for managing the oral healthcare needs of families. We offer all general dental services to individuals of all ages in a gentle, caring manner.

Our staff collectively manages the following issues common amongst all family members:

A. account information

B. insurance claims

C. scheduling

D. educational resources

E. preventive home care, hygiene supplies

Although patients may be members of the same family, their individual needs will vary. Our clinical staff will personalize care to meet each individual’s goals.

The following list describes general dental services most commonly performed for families or individuals.

Diagnosis and Prevention Services, Cleaning Teeth

Evaluations and Cleanings are performed periodically based on the individual’s needs. A basic cleaning or prophylaxis is a preventive procedure whereby bacterial plaque, stains, calculus (tartar), and food debris are removed from all tooth structure above the gum line. Other preventive procedures include fluoride application, pit and fissure sealant placement, oral hygiene instruction, nutritional counseling, and diagnostic x-rays. Read More

Children’s Dentistry

Families with children are always welcome to receive gentle, caring, educational, and prevention focused dental care. We provide counseling for orthodontic development, nutrition, and personal oral hygiene. Very young children can sit on their parents lap as the clinical staff introduce both the child and parent to a dental visit. We encourage parents to actively participate in the training
and monitoring of their child’s home care skills. It is our sincere hope that early interaction with your child will develop into a trusting relationship with our team.

Braces and Orthodontics

We offer fixed and removable appliances for correcting general tooth misalignment and for closing spaces between teeth. Clear aligners, MTM alignerâ„¢, are used for minor tooth movement without braces. Read More

Assistance with Anxiety and Fear

We help people better cope by using oral medication, nitrous oxide “laughing” gas, and effective anesthetic pain control.

Management of Infection

An oral infection is most often caused by bacteria, normally found in the mouth, which have formed large, organized colonies that overwhelm the oral immune system. The source of the infection must be identified, the bacteria must be removed or reduced, and antibiotics and pain medication are usually prescribed or administered.

Fillings and restorations

Tooth structure is damaged by an infection known as dental caries or tooth decay. After removal of decay and damaged structure, color blended fillings are placed to fill the cavity. The restorative material is most often made of a composite or glass ionomer resin, and does not contain mercury. For extensively damaged tooth structure, we fabricate an artificial crown or “cap” to cover and protect the tooth. Crowns are most often fabricated using noble metal, ceramic, porcelain, or resin.

Non-surgical Gum Treatment

The treatment of gum infection and periodontal disease is performed with gentle, modern techniques designed to remove organized bacteria from hiding spots beneath the gums and between teeth, and thereby reduce pain and infection. We provide supportive, periodic maintenance for long term disease prevention and control.

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment requires advanced techniques used to remove the diseased nerve from the pulp chamber and the canal within the root structure. A follow up restoration is required.


We offer surgical removal of erupted, diseased teeth.

Referral to a specialist

As part of the comprehensive approach for managing oral healthcare, we integrate the use of dentist or physician specialist services whenever it may be in the patient’s best health care interest. Specialist services are sometimes necessary to help a patient meet their individual or family treatment goals.

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