A very warm welcome to you. The entire team would like to thank you for selecting our office to care for your dental needs. Our goals are to provide each patient with the highest quality dental care in a gentle, efficient, and pleasant manner and to strongly encourage prevention of future dental problems.

First Visit, New Patients

Generally, the first visit will include a thorough examination and necessary x-rays for proper diagnosis, followed by a consultation of your dental needs (unless you have a particular dental problem requiring immediate attention). Treatment costs will be discussed and future financial arrangements can be made. You will be asked to remit full payment for services rendered at this initial visit unless other arrangements have been made, including insurance benefit payments. Should you have any questions, please call at your convenience. Our team is looking forward to meeting you.


We will make every effort to schedule appointments that are most convenient for you and that fit your personal schedule. For your convenience, we offer morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday appointments. Appointment time will be reserved exclusively for you, and consequently, we require that you do not change the appointment time once it is made. Your cooperation in this matter is fully appreciated.

Broken appointments are a disappointment for everyone. They interfere with your dental treatment, affect the care of other patients, and cause unnecessary scheduling problems for our office. We understand that emergencies which will prevent you from keeping your appointment do happen. Should this occur, contact us as soon as possible so your appointed time can be made available to another person.

Payment for Dental Services

Payment is expected at the time services are provided unless other advance arrangements are made. We accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, CareCredit and insurance benefit checks from approved plans.

Payment plans are available for general dentistry and for orthodontics which involve multiple appointments. The details of these plans will be outlined as the need arises.

Courtesy Savings

Fee Discounts: When patients maintain a zero account balance by paying in full at the time of service, our business saves on administrative costs and can then pass the savings back to the patient in the form of a courtesy discount. We offer Courtesy Fee Discounts for the following:

  • Payment at time of service, PATOS = 5%
  • PATOS Senior Citizen and Retired, age 66 and older, = 10%
  • PATOS College Student = 10%
  • Advanced payment in full for comprehensive care plans = 10%

Insurance Copayment Discounts: When patients authorize our office to bill their copayment to a secured credit card account, our business saves on administrative costs and can then pass the savings back to the patient in the form of a 5% courtesy discount. The copayment is any account balance which remains after receipt of a direct insurance payment.

Delta Dental Premier Discounts: Our office is a participating provider with Delta Dental Premier, and as a result, patients enrolled in a plan will save on any differences between the provider’s fee and the plan allowance.

CareCredit Extended Payment Plan: When patients utilize CareCredit, our extended payment plan, and adhere to the payment contract terms, they pay no interest fee.


Plan Acceptance and exclusions

  • The patient or guarantor is responsible for payment of all dental fees regardless of plan benefits. As a courtesy to our patients, we will accept assignment of benefits payable to Steven W. Smunt, DDS, Ltd.
  • Because of exceptionally low benefit payments or long waiting periods for issuance of such payments, we currently exclude a limited number of plans from acceptance. This list is available upon request.

DeltaDental, PPO, HMO, Discounted Fee, “In Network” Plans

  • We are a Participating Provider for DeltaDental Premier, and all benefits are always paid directly to this office.
  • We are not enrolled in any PPO, HMO, or Discounted Fee plans. However, we will accept benefit payments directly from a PPO plan as an “out of network” provider.

Claim Processing

  • As a courtesy to our patients, and provided that we have the necessary claim processing information, we will submit insurance claims in a timely manner.
  • We will submit benefit predeterminations or preauthorizations when requested.
  • Our Dental Insurance Claim Processing Agreement is available as a downloadable file, Portable Document Format (PDF).

Infection Control

Our clinic practices state of the art infection control per guidelines derived from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


If you have a dental emergency or an urgent concern, call us to review your situation. If necessary, we will schedule a time to see you as quickly as possible.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and make every appropriate effort to safeguard Protected Health Information by following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Our Notice of Privacy Practices  is available as a downloadable file, Portable Document Format (PDF).

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