Tooth Colored Fillings

A natural, healthy smile can be achieved with modern, natural, color-blended fillings and restorations.

Do your existing teeth and dental work, old fillings, bonded veneers, “caps” or crowns, have the following appearance:

dark shadows or staining,
discolored surfaces,
mismatched shade and color,
odd shape and contour,

then you are a person who will benefit from what our modern dentistry can offer.

Gray shadows and halos around metal, amalgam fillings are often the result of subsurface metal corrosion from micro-seepage of saliva and moisture. As metal corrosion advances, bacteria can begin to follow the moisture, living off of the dissolved sugars.

All types of fillings and restorations wear down from normal use over time, with some materials enduring better than others. As the filling wears down, the seal between the tooth and the filling breaks open and allows penetration of larger food particles and larger quantities of bacteria. At this point, the tooth decay process is established.

A plan for new, color-blended fillings and tooth restorations often includes one or more of the following:

Tooth Colored Fillings: We use color-blended fillings for a natural appearance. The restorative material is most often made of a composite or glass ionomer resin, and does not contain mercury.

Bonding and Veneers are color-blended fillings or laminates bonded to the front surface of those teeth that are visible when smiling, and used to improve color, contour, and alignment. “Bonding” means chemically adhering a restorative material to the tooth
surface. The restorative material is often made of a composite resin or porcelain.

Crowns and Inlays are naturally appearing restorations of extensively damaged tooth structure. A crown restoration, sometimes referred to as a cap, often completely covers the underlying, damaged tooth. An inlay typically restores most of the tooth╩╝s
chewing surface by replacing a large, extensively damaged filling. Both crowns and inlays are most often fabricated using
porcelain or composite resin.

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